Clear Complexion Therapy

Press Release

London facialist and ‘Skin Whisperer’ Nataliya Robinson has launched a new holistic ‘Clear Complexion Therapy’ facial at her private Chelsea clinic, to help treat a surge in adult acne caused by stress, hormones, diet and beauty products, without the use of medication or harsh chemicals. Before and after photos of Justine showcasing results after just 10 weeks of treatment without using harsh chemicals or medication. In addition to clients suffering from hereditary acne, Nataliya is now seeing growing numbers whose acne has been triggered by modern-day issues such as increased stress levels, working long hours, diet (e.g. low in fibre and protein), comedogenic beauty products with high levels of toxins (e.g. perfume, hairsprays and deodorants) or taking a break from the contraceptive pill. These elements affect hormonal and skin balance that can lead to inflammation and breakouts.

 Justine: Nataliya Robinson  |  Skin TherapistResults after 10 appointments over a three month period

To treat acne, doctors and dermatologists typically prescribe strong medication and harsh steroid creams. However, whilst they may initially appear to help, once you stop using them, the condition can worsen. In addition, health problems may arise from the toxicity of the medication, which has been known to affect internal organs and the digestive system.

Rather than harmful chemicals, Nataliya only uses products containing natural, plant-derived ingredients to boost skin’s immunity so that it becomes strong enough to fight the breakouts itself and prevent them in the future. But it’s not just about products. Using her naturopathic background, Nataliya takes a holistic approach by analyzing diet and lifestyle to identify potential acne triggers. She then makes recommendations of remedies to use at home (e.g. herbs such as sage and masks made from store cupboard ingredients) to reduce inflammation and breakouts as well as natural supplements to treat skin from the inside out. There’s no ‘cookie-cutter, one acne-facial fits all’ method. Every treatment is tailored to each individual’s needs.

These 'old-school' skin therapies that Nataliya learnt in Russia 20 years ago still deliver great results today. This was recently demonstrated with client Justine who was suffering with deep-rooted, swollen spots and Stage 3 acne, which had even caused her to separate from her boyfriend. Having tried numerous products and visited countless doctors and dermatologists without success, Nataliya was her last hope. After an intensive programme which saw Justine visit for weekly treatments, change her diet based on Nataliya’s advice on what foods to include and avoid, plus start taking supplements to boost skin health, her acne was eradicated after just ten weeks.

A single Clear Complexion Therapy Facial costs £190.
A course of ten treatments is available from £1,200.