About Nataliya Robinson DCHAc.CMIR. FCMA.

Nataliya Robinson  |  Skin Therapist

Nataliya Robinson is a qualified skin therapist, practitioner of Chinese Medicine and owner of Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapy, an appointment-only clinic based in Chelsea, London. With 15 years’ experience, Nataliya’s natural, holistic approach benefits the skin’s health rather than compromising it.

“All of my treatments are based upon proven scientific research to help prevent and correct skin damage and enhance skin health,” says Nataliya. “These treatments are carried out in the comfortable environment of my exclusive Chelsea clinic, which is equipped with the latest technology. All treatments have been developed by leaders in professional skincare methods and products, and have been personally tested by myself over many years.”

Background and education

Having developed acne at the age of 13, Nataliya knows only too well that having less-than-perfect skin can have a huge impact on your day-to-day life. From a young age she became determined to understand the skin and what it takes to achieve a healthy complexion. As a result of her desire to help others, Nataliya qualified as a beauty therapist and completed a course on naturopathic nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). She has also completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Chinese Medicine. 

Nataliya specialises in advanced facial skincare treatments for people who want healthy skin, including those with problematic skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and sensitivity. She also works to minimise the signs of ageing by preventing early wrinkle formation while also treating sun damage, pigmentation and other negative impacts on the skin's health. Most importantly, Nataliya believes the best approach to treating acne and other problem skin conditions is to take a person’s whole health and lifestyle into account.

“My knowledge goes beyond skin to encompass overall health; after all, good skin starts from the inside out,” says Nataliya.

Nataliya is a highly skilled skincare professional who is passionately devoted to helping people achieve the best complexion possible, as well as boosting their overall health.

Pre-treatment consultation

Prior to starting any treatment, Nataliya carries out a professional consultation in order that she may recommend the most suitable treatment programme tailored to the individual needs of each individual client’s skin. This includes:

  • A detailed skin assessment
  • An understanding of your current diet and lifestyle
  • Dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice to help improve the condition of your skin
  • Your chance to ask any questions

Find out more about Nataliya by reading her Q&A page.

Finding your perfect facialist is the beauty equivalent of hunting down the Holy Grail – near impossible. Locating one who operates outside regular working hours is downright miraculous. Clever us, then for tracking down expert therapist Nataliya Robinson who ticks both boxes and manages to bring you into a state of total bliss in the process.

Maria Milano, Instyle.co.uk
This is a real VIP experience in a stunning setting. Five-star skin.

Ellie Moss, Women's Fitness