Beauty & the Bees

Cost: £150

Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapy has created a new face lift massage using luxurious Manuka Honey, combined with special techniques that help soften fine lines, tone the skin, improve the circulation and at the same time, detoxify the skin and clean pores.

The full facial is created around your skin type and involves pore cleansing, honey face lift massage and finally cryotherapy massage to "lock" the ingredients into the epidermis for a longer-lasting effect. The result is fresh-looking, youthful toned skin.

The "Beauty and the Bees" facial is not only healthy for your skin, but it is also kind to nature; as 50% of the costs goes to Bees research support.

IMPORTANT. If you are known to be allergic to honey, this treatment is not for you. Your skin will react. If you are in any doubt that you may have a honey allergy, please carry out a 24hr patch test on your wrist.