Back Tonic Therapy

Cost: £180

Why treating your back skin is important for your health

The skin of the back has, for many, hardly ever been exfoliated, moisturised or seen the sun.  As a result it has never had a chance to rejuvenate or cleanse itself.  Worse still, many of the fabrics we wear are synthetic and therefore the source of toxins – which can aggravate eczema and other skin irritations.  One remedy for this toxic load on your back skin is my ' Back Tonic Therapy', which helps detoxify your skin, leaving it looking and feeling clean and healthy.

Back Tonic Therapy

This treatment smoothes the skin, relaxes the back muscles and remove any impurities.

Treatment procedure

  1. Enzyme mask - comprised of Bromelain (pineapple extracts), from Papain (from papayas) and from raw cocoa. These ingredients work together to help both soften and heal the back from any impurities.
  2. 'Diamond Microdermabrasion' polishes the skin and removes the surface layer of dead skin cells. This improves the skin's texture and colour and leaves it feeling and looking softer and plumper.
  3. Any impurities such as blackheads/spots on the skin are extracted, to further improve the skin's appearance.
  4. Clay mask is applied to draw out any toxins, rejuvenate the skin and stimulate the circulation.
  5. Massage with organic oil. To relax and help soothe any remaining tense muscles of the back.