The City Recovery Therapy

Cost: £300 - 2 Hours

The latest advanced facial skincare and whole body treatment from Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapy has been developed for those who live or work in high-pressure urban environments such as London and other major cities.

The City Recovery Therapy reduces the effects of stress and pollution in the skin, soothing tense facial muscles and bringing the body back to homeostasis – the steady internal environment that’s essential both for health and beauty.

“My City Recovery Therapy is ideal for anyone who feels utterly stressed and burned out,” says Nataliya. “These people may experience a range of symptoms such as lack of motivation, fatigue, insomnia and poor concentration, or they may simply just feel under the weather.

“Your skin quickly responds to stress, so when you’re under pressure you may suffer from irritation or acne, and your facial muscles may be constantly tense. All that tension creates little knots, which means the blood supply in that area becomes compromised, leading to a sluggish facial muscle tone and poor skin quality.

“And let’s not forget some of the other ways stress affects the skin such as premature ageing and dark circles under the eyes, which can be a sign that your circadian rhythms are unbalanced or you’re suffering from adrenal exhaustion and constantly need stimulants such as coffee to keep you going.”

The City Recovery Therapy lasts two hours – during which your body is allowed to completely relax – and consists of the following two elements:

  • The European Facial
  • Ionised Oxygen Therapy

The European Facial - Personalised according to your individual needs, this is a deep-cleansing facial that counteracts the effects of pollution and other damaging factors that bombard your skin on a daily basis. The result is smooth, radiant, healthy skin that has a youthful glow.

Ionised Oxygen Therapy - The City Recovery Therapy ends with 30 minutes of ionised oxygen inhalation, where your body’s cells are rejuvenated with negative ions. This relaxing therapy has a positive effect on the nervous system and is particularly beneficial for people living in polluted environments, as well as those who are subjected to high stress levels.

Negative ions – described as ‘vitamins from the air’ by American biologist AP Krueger – are found in abundance in natural environments such as mountains, waterfalls and by the sea. Experts believe they create biochemical reactions that increase the body’s production of serotonin, a hormone that relieves stress and boosts energy.

The ionised oxygen device used at Nataliya Robinson Skin Therapy was developed by the German Society of Aerospace Medicine and delivers the optimum dose of negative ions.

Is The City Recovery Therapy for you?

The environment we live in these days is far from perfect – and even more so if you live or work in a city. There’s too much pollution, not to mention the stress that comes with working long hours, eating on the go and having a hectic family and social life with little time for yourself to relax.

The City Recovery Therapy is ideal for anyone who feels the need to slow down and revive their spirits.

“It’s like taking a relaxing break but without having to do all the stressful organisation that goes with it,” says Nataliya. “With The City Recovery Therapy, you don’t need a whole day and there’s no long journey involved as it all takes place right in the middle of London. You don’t even have to talk – all you have to do is relax and snooze.”

Treatment Room

What results will you see?

Following The City Recovery Therapy your skin will glow, you’ll feel calm and relaxed, your mind will be clear and your eyes will sparkle.

Nataliya recommends a The City Recovery Therapy once a month for best and ongoing results. To get the maximum benefit, avoid drinking caffeine before your treatment, but do have a light snack.