Dealing with Acne

If you suffer from acne please rest assured it is completely possible to treat this skin condition, but it is a long journey and a lot of self-discipline is required so you need to be completely committed to getting rid of acne.

Successful acne treatment includes:

  • Adjusting your diet – what foods to include and what to avoid
  • Regular skincare treatments (starting with one a week until inflammation begins to decrease, then reducing attendance to every other week until balance is achieved, followed by monthly treatments to keep the skin under control)
  • Adjusting your skincare products to ensure they are suitable for your skin
  • Taking a holistic, natural approach to treating acne, which is not only kinder to your skin but will also benefit your health

While acne is commonly associated with being a teenager, acne can affect people at all stages of life. Nataliya Robinson describes acne as ‘temporary body flu’, whereby at some stage you used the wrong skincare and/or changed your diet habits (typical London-type acne), which caused your skin to react. But fear not, this ‘flu’ can be fixed.

Nataliya Robinson offers acne treatments that are completely tailored to your individual needs and also has the option of ‘pro bono’ acne treatments for patients on low income. Please contact Nataliya to discuss your requirements or book in for a consultation.

Nataliya Robinson’s experience with acne

I suffered with acne from the age of 13, so I completely understand what it feels like. In fact, having acne is what first drove me to develop a deeper understanding of the skin to treat my acne, and led me onto my journey of becoming a skin therapist.

When I got acne, I was put on all kinds of conventional acne medications that were available on the market. I visited many skin specialists and went through all kinds of harsh acne treatments – from facials to creams and lotions to oral medication - you name it, I had tried it.

I was living in Russia at the time and it didn’t help matters that the only acne facial you could get back then was at a special dermatological clinic, where the nurse would deep cleanse your face while simultaneously telling you how awful your skin was. Needless to say, I would leave each treatment feeling very upset and dreading my next visit!

While my prescribed oral and topical medications did stop my acne breakouts temporarily, as soon as I would finish taking them my acne would come back even worse than before. I also suffered with side effects from the medications (which still make an appearance even now). As a result, my skin became very over-reactive and even now I have to treat my skin with extreme care.

Eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands and set myself on a journey of education and discovery into how the skin works. I learned that to keep my skin free from breakouts I had to treat it with respect by not over-washing, over-exfoliating or over-stimulating the skin and to use the best quality skincare products I could find. I also learned that successful long-term acne treatment comes down to treating the skin using natural methods from the inside out, rather than with harsh medicines and creams.

Having overcome my acne, I am now committed to helping others overcome this distressing skin condition, too.