The exclusive
European Facial
by Nataliya Robinson


Cost: £190

For fast, effective results for problem skin, a course of treatments is recommended:

Cost: £760
for a course of 5 treatments
Cost: £1000
for a course of 7 treatments

The "Lite" European Facial thoroughly cleanses and purifies the skin deep into the pores, removing dirt and impurities and extracting comedones (blackheads) and milia (milky white spots). Redness and inflammation is also reduced, for healthy, clean skin from the inside out.


Cost: £225

Taking the ‘Lite’ European Facial a step further, the ‘Full’ European Facial is a longer treatment that includes all the benefits of the Lite facial,with additional bespoke treatments according to the individual’s skin issues and needs. This can include treatments such as mesotherapy (vitamin infusion), Face Sculpting Massage/Stress Relief, face acupuncture, radio frequency and oxygen infusion.

Within minutes Nataliya will know your face better than your bathroom mirror, and will know exactly what to do to it to transform that dull skin you don’t like to talk about into very picture of radiance

Mariella Tandy
Executive Fashion, Tatler UK
For facials, I love Nataliya Robinson in Chelsea – she squeezes every single pore on your face, and you leave feeling ridiculously clean

Francesca White
I’ve never had acupuncture before and I’m extremely tense but, as soon as the first needle goes into my forehead,making my “third eye”, I feel wonderfully woozy and agree to two more

Jess Lacey , Marie Claire
The skin whisperer. Not for nothing has Nataliya Robinson’s European Facial earned her the queen-of-perfect-skin crown

Bella Blissett, Daily Mail
Thank you Nataliya for the facial and acupuncture,helping me beat my jet lag early on a Monday morning

Millie Mackintosh
Massive thank you for looking after my skin during pregnancy

Kristina Rihanoff
Professional Dancer