Organic Green Peel

Enjoy this unique natural organic herbal peel, packed with essential ingredients. The herbal peel is a compound of pure plant extracts (herbs, algae, minerals, enzymes and vitamins) which can be used to treat any area of the body. It is effective against skin impurities, skin that is dull and in need of regeneration, large-pored or sun-damaged skin, as well as for loose, saggy skin and cellulite.

There are three distinct Green Peel methods:

Green Peel Classic

Cost: £300
(price includes follow-up appointment and home skin care kit)

New, fresher-looking skin in only five days!  This five day intensive herbal peeling process is designed to promote the skin's natural process of cell renewal by the production of new baby cells and stimulating collagen fibres.  After the old skin has naturally peeled away, you will come back for a follow-up session in which rich active ingredients will be applied to the new highly-receptive skin.  The complexion appears visibly improved, clearer and younger.   

Green Peel Energy

Cost: £200

This treatment stimulates your skin boosting its natural energy. This works by activating the blood circulation and the metabolism, which results in natural skin improvements.

Green Peel Fresh-up

Cost: £160
60 Min

Nataliya's personal favourite! This is the gentlest green peel version. Using a lighter application, massaged very gently. Choose from a gentle complexion refresher, increased absorption for active ingredients or effective skin hydration.