PMS Face & Body Relief

Cost: £280

Pre-menstrual symptoms are a natural part of a woman's menstrual cycle. However, some women experience mild to moderate symptoms that can disturb their work, relationships and their general sense of well-being.

One of the most common signs of PMS are mood swings: being (or feeling) irritable for no particular reason. There can be physical changes as well - such as bloating, acne spots, oily skin and greasy or dry hair

To help soothe you through these changes Nataliya Robinson has created a treatment which she calls simply 'PMS Face & Body Relief'. The treatment, which is adapted to your personal needs, aims to be preventative by targeting chosen areas of the body (such as water retention on the waist or legs). As such it is recommended to have the treatment about five to seven days before your period.

Face Relief

The facial treatment begins with an acne-reduction procedure, followed by a facial massage to plump the skin. This improves the circulation and reduces fine lines, as well as improving the lymphatic flow - which decreases any 'puffiness' on the face and neck areas. Nataliya uses organic oil which is carefully smoothed into your face, promoting a relaxing and nerve-soothing effect - and this is crucial for the nervous system at this particular time.

Body Relief

Many women suffer from fluid retention during their monthly cycle. It's a good idea to resolve this problem as it can make your weight fluctuate. Over the counter diuretics aren't really a good solution, as they often leech valuable nutrients from your body. To be less intrusive Nataliya uses a MesoSlim serum, which is full of valuable ingredients such as artichoke extract, Laminaria and sea fennel - all of which help to detoxify your skin and to reduce water retention. It also contains Decapeptide, whose valuable purpose is to reduce the accumulation of new triglycerides (blood lipids) and promotes the removal of other previously-stored lipids. This serum is applied directly to where it is needed using electro-mesotherapy machinery (otherwise known as the ‘virtual needle’). This direct targeting of active ingredients not only enables the ingredients to reach the deepest level of your skin, it also allows your skin to retain all of its natural immunities.

Before and after the treatment a cup of nutritious Organic Fennel Tea is also provided. As well as its wide range of health benefits (for instance, many use it to help them lose weight), Fennel tea also acts as a natural diuretic, which helps with water retention.